Beauty-Doc Worseg: „Deine Nase kann nix dafür“

Dr. Artur Worseg is one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Austria. His new book, however, has become a plea against his own industry.

15.3.2019 Christian Gartner / Hitradio Ö3

„Your nose can not help it,“ is the title of Artur Worseg’s new book – Untitled: „How to save ourselves from the beauty obsession.“ And with that the content is already outlined. It’s about the question of why so many people feel the urge to change their appearance. The reasons are usually deeper than we think.

5 tips from the cosmetic surgeon

Artur Worseg is convinced that the majority of people who want to go under the knife should better sit on the couch. Not every dissatisfaction with the body is causally related to the body. Therefore, he gives all Ö3 listener 5 tips.